Te Hunga Rōia Māori o Aotearoa welcomes the issuing of the first fully bilingual judgment in both te reo Māori and English – Pokere v Bodger – Ōuri 1A3 (2022) 459 Aotea MB 210 (459 AOT 210).

In a judgment issued by the Aotea Māori Land Court last week, Judge Aidan Warren (former Tūmuaki of Te Hunga Rōia Māori) and Pūkenga Dr Ruakere Hond, found that trustees of an ahu whenua trust have duties under tikanga, as well as duties under the Trusts Act 2019 in performing their functions as trustees.

The written judgment has te reo Māori and te reo Pākehā alongside one another in columns.  Again, a bespoke approach to address the nature of the matters before the Court in this case.

The judgment is also significant given the appointment of Dr Ruakere Hond as a Pūkenga to assist the Court, under s 32A of Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993.  We understand this to be one of the first appointments under this provision, which allows tikanga experts from the area where the dispute arises to sit as a Pūkenga.

Te Hunga Rōia Māori also acknowledges the involvement of Te Hunga Rōia Māori member, Alana Thomas, as Counsel.  Ms Thomas argued a majority of the case for her client in te reo Māori.

Te Hunga Rōia Māori congratulates the Māori Land Court for taking this momentous step in actively supporting the use of te reo Māori within the Court system.  We acknowledge all of those involved in supporting this kaupapa.

Read the judgment here.

Ko tōku reo tōku ohooho, ko tōku reo tōku māpihi maurea.