In response to our commitment to assist members in need of support, the Ngā Hoa Aroha panel is a subcommittee established by the Executive to promote fellowship and mutual support amongst our members

The role of Ngā Hoa Aroha is to proactively provide tautoko and awhi to our members on a completely confidential basis. The Ngā Hoa Aroha panel will be made up of senior Te Hunga Rōia members who are willing to be contacted on a confidential basis by fellow members with questions or concerns relating to practice issues and safe working environment.

At this time, we are opening up the panel for nominations and expressions of interest to be a member of the panel.

Hoa Aroha will be expected to commit to a term of 2 years and have an understanding of lawyers’ professional obligations and disciplinary procedures under the Lawyers and Conveyances Act 2006.

Characteristics of a Hoa Aroha

  • Non-judgemental – someone who can be spoken to openly
  • Empathetic
  • A good listener
  • Gives feedback positively being more ordered and reflective rather than rushing to things
  • A sense of perspective
  • An understanding that there may be further underlying problems
  • Ability to set boundaries around type and amount of support/ assistance to be given

Expressions of interest and nominations will be considered by the Te Hunga Rōia Executive and appointed at the discretion of the Executive.